Eleyo - Case Study

An Overview Of Eleyo

Eleyo is an online platform used by school district leaders throughout the US to take their before & after school programs online to make them available to the community through the internet. Through this, school programs are able to track registrations for programs and activities, view and adjust schedules for events, and accept payments for said activities and programs all from one system. Currently, they have processed over 1 billion dollars worth of transactions, manage over 35,000 facilities and support nearly 3 million families nationwide.

The Problem

Eleyo was looking to develop their initial impression of their pitch to educational services. Which brings up the age old question, how does one stand out? Especially in a system that may have been doing the same thing the same way for years, sometimes decades? Why interrupt a process that is perceived to be working? Why change things if something is already working well? Even if something isn’t working well, but is being perceived as such, what do you do to convince them otherwise? They needed something that was going to stand out and not just get set aside on someone's desk.

They had been coming up with ideas for marketing kits internally and handling all of the product sourcing, kitting, and shipping in house. The ideas they were coming up with weren’t breaking through the clutter, and coming up with ideas and executing them was pulling resources away from their core growth goals.

The Imprint Engine Solution

We collaborated with the Eleyo team to create hyper customized marketing kits that were tailored to their customers, in this case, educational professionals and school/district officials. Each of these campaigns/kits were tailored to the recipient and/or the theme of the campaign. In one instance we created a customer “old school” metal kids lunchbox that was filled with Eleyo swag and stickers to go with the theme “no such thing as a free lunch” to emphasize the underlying value proposition of districts making the switch to Eleyo software platform.

In another campaign, Eleyo was rolling out a travel theme so we created a customized passport booklet detailing the program, and included a custom luggage tag and plane ticket, each containing the name of the recipient. Our team sourced, kitted and shipped around 300 kits for each campaign. The results were a 50% increase in engagement on these campaigns vs. previous campaigns handled in-house by the Eleyo team. In addition to the measurable lift in engagement, we were able to save thousands of dollars in labor expense which enabled the Eleyo team to remain focused on their core goals of new client acquisition.

Great products come & go. Great experiences live on.