Case Study - GitHub x Imprint Engine

Founded: 2007 Total Employees: 2,800 56+ million users worldwide

GitHub Fall Collection

GitHub By The Numbers

  • Founded: 2007
  • Total Employees: 2,800
  • 56+ million users worldwide

GitHub was in a situation that many of our clients find themselves in: trying to do it on their own.

They had gone much further down this path than most companies we’ve come across in that they had created an entire division internally to manage their swag and print production program. GitHub was unique in that they had the great in-house design and development capabilities to build a nice swag store and design some great product, but ultimately they came to the conclusion that it was going to take a dedicated organization of people who specialize in what we do to accomplish their global growth objectives. The final event that triggered their team to search for a partner to support their growth was a shipment of custom goods to Europe that was produced by their team in _______ (caleb will have to fill in the blank here...I think it was a baltic state) and arrived at their European fulfillment center with all of the goods completely unusable due to the logos being distorted, crooked, and off center. In fact, one of our first priorities once we were hired by them was to destroy the low quality goods so that they never reached consumer hands, potentially causing damage to GitHub’s top quality brand reputation.

Frustrated Employees

Too Many Things To Manage

Unfamilar with the process

How it all began

We were introduced to GitHub from a contractor at an ad agency we had been working with on a campaign for Uber. The campaign ended up not going through, but several months later the contractor was hired by GitHub to find a new swag vendor, and suggest Imprint Engine. You never know who you’re going to meet and how those connections will impact your future, which is why one of our core values is “Hustle like nobody’s watching”

GitHub Employees

GitHub Internal

We manage GitHub's internal company swag site. This includes curating and sourcing products/items, designing & decorating and publishing said content. We also manage their internal credit system that employees can use to purchase items.

GitHub Retail

The GitHub Shop Online Retail Store Photo

We manage GitHub's public online store.

Including email marketing campaign management.

Email Campaign Screen Shot

Quality Matters.

GitHub Cookie Cutters
GitHub Glow In The Dark GIF

Managing Seasonal Shop Updates & Products

The GitHub Stars program is designed to recognize individuals in the GitHub open source community that go above and beyond with their contributions while lifting up, inspiring and educating others around them. We help create products that GitHub uses to recognize these individuals.

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