What We Do

Simplify your workflow and consolidate your vendor management

with a reliable partner that knows your brand, customers, employees, and objectives.

How the Imprint Engine Platform™ works.

Step #1

Identify Needs

Identify which products you want in your online store, what specific features and functionality your store will have, and how you want your inventory and warehouse program to function. Everything is completely customized based on your specific needs.

Step #2

Product Sourcing & Production

Our team will source and customize all of your products. Everything is printed and customized internally with our in-house printing and decoration capabilities, including: screen printing, embroidery, laser engraving, digital and offset printing, and more.

Step #3

Customize Platform

Our tech team will set up a customized E-commerce platform tailored to your specific needs and branding requirements. This can include features like web-to-print functionality, store credits and coupon codes, budgetary approvals, ability to build custom kits, and more.

Step #4

Technology Integration

Our stores are capable of integrating with 100’s of other platforms such as CRM’s, procurement platforms, and account softwares, and more. If we don’t already have an existing integration with your specific platform, we’ll customize one with our in-house tech team.

Step #5

Warehousing & Inventory Management

Your inventory is received by our warehouse team and put through a rigorous Quality Control process before being barcoded and scanned into our inventory management system. Inventory is securely stored in covered bins, ensuring everything remains in top quality condition.

Step #6

Store Launch

After rigorous QA and testing we’ll sync with our internal teams to launch your brand new online store. With a curated product selection, customized features, and myriad shipping options, you’re ready to handle customer orders on day one.

Step #7

Fulfillment & Customer Support

Our highly trained warehouse and fulfillment team receives and processes orders from your store, packages and distributes your inventory worldwide, and specializes in complex kitting projects. Our dedicated Customer Support team will manage all questions, information requests, and returns.

Step #8

Inventory Reporting & Analysis

We provide monthly inventory reporting and re-stock recommendations to make sure you never run out of anything in your store. We can also provide customized trend analysis and data-based product recommendations to keep your inventory fresh and optimize sell through.



Have confidence in a partner that treats your brand like their own.