Connect every step of your brand experience process

The effortless way for collaborating, selecting, sharing & shipping the offline brand experiences we help you create.

We’re not a vendor. We’re a partner.

IEX goes beyond software

Our platform provides full access to our people & services, infrastructure, and technology so you can easily manage your company’s brand experiences on a global scale.

Always secure. Always compliant.

It starts with real people and real service

Rather than sell you our platform and hope for the best, our greatest strength is pairing you with an actual team of humans to find the exact solution you need. We’re like the colleagues you never had – a true extension of your team.

Infrastructure that scales with you

From start-ups to full scale enterprise organizations. We have the infrastructure and global footprint that works for a one time project or a long term partnership. Whether you need something right now or need us to hold ongoing inventory, we got you.

One size does not fit all

We prescribe our tech like a brand doctor. Our goal is to find the right solution to your problem. While some companies have a this or that approach with their technology, we always recommend – or design from the ground up – the right one.

Combining these three pillars provides the ultimate solution for managing your brand experiences

Now, it’s just a matter of finding the right plan to get you started.

Our free, no commitment platform tool. The easiest way to share, select & ship branded products through IEX.

  • Perfect for gifting, onboarding, rewarding, events & more
  • Shipping support for 180+ countries
  • Custom branding based on your guidelines
  • Use for data collection and bulk pre-orders *
  • Free campaigns available for one-time or fixed use

Ditch the spreadsheet and managing your inventory from the extra closet at the office (or your extra bedroom).

  • Real time inventory numbers streaming directly from our warehouses around the world
  • Order in one place without navigating to each product
  • Perfect for bulk ordering or forcing order minimums
  • Great for teams managing specific items

Streamline the sharing of your company’s branded apparel & merch into an easy-to-use online store.

  • Designed to fit your needs. Whether it’s one product or thousands, we’ve got a plan.
  • Store designs that scale with you as you add more products
  • Advanced user permission/team viewing control
  • Built/maintained/updated by our in-house teams

Your business is unique. So are your needs. Use our most robust plan option to custom design a system that works just for you long-term.

  • UX/UI designed to work with your specific brand
  • Customized workflows & automation
  • User Access Control via SSO services
  • Support for HRIS, ATS, CRM & API Access
  • Flexible & Customized Reporting
  • Dedicated Brand Management Team
  • Keep the accounting team happy. We’ll deliver data the way you need it.
  • Employee Credit Payment & Management
  • Reward Programs Built Around Culture

Some of our favorite integrations

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Great products come & go. Great experiences live on.