Brand Experiences


When we say Brand Experiences, we mean the offline, real, tangible brand touchpoints and expressions that affect the way employees & customers perceive, engage with, and feel about your company.

The way those experiences are managed & shared digitally are as much a part of the experience as the products themselves.

brand experiences


We’re talking experiences that stay - stay in people’s minds, on their desks, in their closets, out of the trash, but most importantly, the ones that help communities stay together.

The ones people actually want

Premium, recognizable brands and products that go beyond S.W.A.G. (stuff we all get).

The kinds they can believe in

The best way to be sustainable is to make stuff people want to KEEP. But, beyond that, it’s about seeking vendors that approach sustainability and ethical sourcing from a holistic point of view. People are proud to receive company-branded merch when they believe in the purpose behind the products, not just an item that checks an eco-friendly box.

Create community & connection

It’s never been more important that companies find ways to keep their people connected.

GitHub Fall Collection

Celebrate culture

Amplify the personality of your company, teams, and culture.

  • Welcome new employees
  • Give the perfect holiday gift
  • Celebrate anniversaries
  • Launch your new branding
  • And so much more

Experience management

The product management is as much a part of the experience as creating the products themselves. Having an effortless way for collaborating, selecting, sharing & shipping them is also necessary for creating great brand experiences.

We travel well

No matter the occasion, when your brand travels out of the office and into the world, maintaining brand integrity is a must for delivering a quality experience.

  • Conference Items
  • Convention Booth Decorations
  • Offsite Events & Celebrations
  • Brand Activations
  • InStore Branding

Great products come & go. Great experiences live on.