Ten Reasons Why Graphic Design Creates Revenue

Posted on Mon Aug 6, 2018.

Visual media is one of the fastest growing marketing tools due to customers mass consumption of social media. Photos, graphics, infographics and more are being shared multiple times per second. If your company is not producing visual content you may be falling behind the curve. Brand management teams are ready to help you with dedicated art departments that can help to establish your brand message through visual cues. Here are 10 reasons why you should be using an agency for your graphic design needs:

  1. Creating a First Impression– You want your brand to be recognized for your mission and goals. Utilizing a graphic design team with industry experience allows you to take your vision and create what you want your brand to be recognized for. Your logo says to the world what you do. You want your first impression to be about quality, industry relevant, and show your values.
  2. Increase in Visual Based Marketing– As our world becomes increasingly visual based, it is important for your brand to take advantage of it. The newest generation is constantly consuming media, as can be seen by the fastest growing language in the UK being Emoji. Your company needs to stand out with visuals that will capture your brand’s message, whether that be saving the environment or selling the latest fashion.
  3. Save Your Company Time– A team that is well versed in the graphic design and printing world will be able to quickly create a plethora of art for your company. It is a hassle free way to create stunning visuals, as you do not have to put the effort into finding a model employee. It also streamlines your complete art direction as brand management companies are able to produce any type of art you need, from a visual for a post, to a large banner at a tradeshow.
  4. Saving You Money– A company that has multiple clients will also save you money as you are not directly paying their wages. The overhead cost of a graphic designer is high and many small businesses cannot afford one. Graphic design teams are also able to work within the parameters of your budget creating the best cost effective art for the company.
  5. Drumming Up Sales– When your brand is connected to great design you are more likely to create a sales funnel for yourself. Print and digital media alike can help garner new sales. A graphic design team can partner with you on either type of campaign. Developing a plan that gives your brand an attention grabber that will build your brand’s equity with new and old customers.
  6. Storytelling– When visuals accompany information your brain is more likely to remember it. According to Brain Rules this retention is 65% compared to reading information alone which is retained 10% of the time. Have an experienced team convert the story of your brand into captivating visuals.
  7. Stepping Out of The Box– Though the logo or art direction you have in place may be quite industry relevant, it may be too similar to your competitors. Let a branding team research your industry and create designs that will set your company apart from competitors.
  8. Infographics– Your brand wants to create a website or post with information on how your consumers benefit from a product. Infographics help layout information in an appealing visual format. Mass Planner, a site dedicated to planning posts, says that infographics are liked or shared 3x more than any other type of post on social media.
  9. Omni-Channel Distribution– Your consumers can build their relationship with you through many different channels, utilizing all of these channels can build loyalty and sales. Vice President of Marketing at Bonobos, an online retailer, says that catalogs and direct mailings help guide consumers to purchases online. 20% of their new purchasers have placed their order after receiving a direct mailing. These direct mailings also give your consumers the opportunity to get a feel of your brand as the art department you work with can customize the content within.
  10. Build Employee Confidence– Your company can also use art as a way to develop employee’s pride in the business. A polished and modern design can bring in the best talent to be a part of your team. Your company’s culture will be showcased through visuals that your team can share.

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