Purchase Behavior of Generation Z

Posted on Mon Aug 6, 2018.

Generation Z, also known as, The Founders Generation, Post-Millennials, the iGeneration, Plurals or the Homeland Generation, favor the digital scene when it comes to purchasing. They want to be wowed by something on FacebookTwitterInstagramSnapchat or Pinterest.

These platforms are used like Google, to search for the next big thing. They may even make a purchase through an ad or via the shopping network on one of these websites or applications.

Youtube is also used as a search platform by Gen Z. It is a easy way to find reviews on products they want to purchase. The ability to see the products in use, instead of just in a picture, lets them make informed purchases and learn how to use the products correctly.

They are highly influenced by digital celebrities like Youtube stars. Whether they watch a beauty vlogger or a current events news show, they will absorb what brands their favorite stars prefer. This can create opportunities to send sponsored gear to influencers or team up on a project with them.

Depending on the Youtuber’s influence the prices can vary greatly for sponsored content. You also want to make sure to vet the youtuber’s channel, and their other social media to make sure they align with your brand values. You do not want to end up with a blunder like the PewDiePie Scandal.

Gen Z values products that are affordable, friendly to the environment, not tested on animals, and are niche. They want to express who they are through the things that they buy. Purchasing things that are either influenced by social media or correspond with a fandom (being a fan of something specific i.e. the TV show Supernatural) are their ways of showing off social status or developing shared interests with a stranger.

Products that are also new and innovative tend to perform well within Gen Z. Striving for the next big thing is one characteristic of this generation. As early adopters of new technologies, they have the latest gadgets possible. The internet boom happened before most of them were born, giving Generation Z the unique advantage of growing up with digital in their DNA.

A large majority of their tv and movies are consumed through internet streaming services. They may see traditional advertising only through Hulu or Youtube. However they may watch traditional TV if their parents have not also adopted this switch to new media outlets.

Along with Millennials, who we will cover next week, Generation Z prefers to have a relationship built through social media with a brand before making purchases. Emotional connections are what gives them a positive perception before buying. Reading or watching reviews on purchase items straight from the source, bloggers, or their peer group are important to the purchase sequence.

The term Dark Social was coined for the youngest three generations habit of sharing things through places like Facebook Messenger. This private sharing behavior is hard to look at for analytics but is great for the relationships you are trying build.

If your content or products are shareable through this behavior you may gain new consumers. Dark Social is the new version of word-of-mouth marketing. Millennials also participate in this type of interaction.

Generation Z is a generation that wants to be wooed through building a great relationship. They care deeply about social issues, but also want to be entertained in a world that sometimes may look a bit bleak. They have lofty ideas and love engagement with their favorite brands/people.

Next week we will take a look at the next generation in age: Millennials. If you want to read more about marketing and building your brand please visit our blog. If you want to learn about the products and services we provide please visit the What We Do page.

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