Marine Layer Product Highlight

Posted on Tue Aug 31, 2021.

We all know and love Marine Layer, and if you haven’t had the chance to enjoy one of their products, now is the time. Marine Layer now offers Pantone color customization, which means we can create custom dyed items which match your logo or colors to a tee (pun intended). We love partnering with Marine Layer for a variety of reasons, but you can’t ever forget about the end-product. These are some of our picks, and are perfect for the “all-week weekend” lifestyle.

Women’s Custom Dyed Signature Crew

marine layer womens crew

These shirts are the reason why we exist. Not only are they the most absurdly soft shirts you’ll ever wear, but they’re also made with recycled beechwood, so they’re sustainable too. It’s the crew of your dreams: soft, never see-through.

Men’s Custom Dyed Signature V-Neck

marine layer v-neck shirt

Trend alert: the V is back. And we’ve nailed it: this one’s got a thin collar, the perfect amount of V, and the most amount of soft. Available in any color you can imagine.

Women’s Custom Dyed Sherpa Crew Pullover

marine layer womens pullover

This sweater has breathable cotton for a lightweight summery feel, plus a touch of cashmere for added warmth. Sounds too good to be true, huh?

Custom Dyed Signature Longsleeve

marine layer mens longsleeve

What’s even better than our Signature Tee? Our Signature Longsleeve, which is just like our crewneck with longer sleeves (AKA more soft fabric). The best lightweight layer around, in our opinion. Available in any color you can imagine.

Signature Custom Mask

marine layer mask

Made from two layers of our absurdly soft signature fabric — it’s navy on the outside, and blue color on the inside. Featuring a pocket for filters. Filter not included. We’re excited to officially bring our mask offering into our Custom Color Match program! At a 600 MOQ, we can PMS match our signature masks to any PMS color of your choosing.

Ultimate Softness

If you’ve ever owned a Marine Layer sweater or tee, you’ll know exactly what this paragraph is about. These shirts aren’t just “oh wow” soft, they’re “do they spin these from clouds?!” soft. How do they do it? Well, it all has to do with the custom fiber that Michael created. The yarn is spun with pulp from Beechwood trees, which not only adds to the softness of the fabric, but reduces the ecological footprint of the products that use it.

How it started

Marine Layer, Inc. Was formed by Michael Natenshon and Adam Lynch, who were on a quest to find the softest material possible. It all started when Michael’s girlfriend, Kelly, threw out his favorite (and most well-worn) tee shirt. Michael himself admitted that the tee was on its last legs, but wanted to find a replacement that would be just as soft from day one.

marine layer story

A year later, Michael had perfected his custom fabric, and managed to rope in his best friend, Adam. Upon realizing they needed a way to transport the new tee-shirts from the factory to their first store, they bought… A 1969 Volkswagen Bus?!

marine layer story

Although impractical (they stopped counting after break-down number 14), the van was a hero in Neptune Blue. While it no longer serves as the main transportation of products, its iconic image remains visible in various Marine Layer shirts, and its legacy preserved on their website.


Marine Layer doesn’t just create products with sustainable materials (they do that too), but they also create initiatives to help reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. This is done by partnering with Re-Spun, which helps reduce textile waste by taking in old tees and turning them into recycled cotton. This means that old clothes get a second chance to be worn and loved! Their current metrics state that they’ve diverted 250,000 shirts from landfills. You can find out more about their sustainability efforts on their Impact Report

marine layer impact report

Questions, Concerns, and Interests

If any Marine Layer products interest you, schedule a call with us to start your custom Marine Layer project.  Not only do we source the apparel and create the custom designs, but we also handle logistics and fulfillment as well. All part of The Imprint Engine System. Save some time by allowing us to handle your project from start to finish, cutting out having to deal with multiple vendors.

Great products come & go. Great experiences live on.