Internal or External, E-Commerce Wins

Posted on Mon Aug 6, 2018.

Every day globalization creates an even more so interconnected world that is ripe with opportunity. One of the largest opportunities in our current market is the world of e-commerce. Your company can benefit from the e-commerce boom by partnering with an organization that creates a streamlined shopping experience for your consumers or employees. According to Forrester, a leading data and research company, online sales are expected to grow by 9.32% annually over the next 5 years.

There is a large array of teams that could benefit from a web-store, these companies range from small businesses all the way to large corporations. First there are local shops who have created renowned brands in their area. These boutiques, restaurants, or storefronts can capitalize on their recognition by stepping into e-commerce. Larger companies may be looking for brand procurement solutions or simply ways to outfit their employees or create a rewards store for them.

Many small companies have thought about breaking into the e-commerce game but don’t have the tools or experience in creating a website. A company that builds e-commerce sites on a consistent basis can give you the capabilities needed to draw in your consumers. Web-stores can be curated to fit your brand’s vibe which helps your customers understand who they are purchasing from.

Whether you provide services or are simply a one-product brand, most likely you want to create revenue from the reputation you have built. Luckily there is a huge market for branded apparel, accessories, drinkware, and other products that can help promote your brand and generate revenue. These products could be something within your industry or your clients seem interested in supporting you by sporting your brand. With the B2B market surpassing the B2C market in sales, branding and selling an industry related product can bring in new avenues of profits. This licensing option allows a company to produce items that your company can gain money and influence from.

Companies also have a chance to foster brand recognition and company culture through establishing an internal store. This store could use a point based system for reward fulfillment or be used simply for uniforms for your employees. Internal stores are usually created with a company that can quickly fulfill products in drop shipments to employees or events. This saves time and money for companies who do not have warehouse infrastructure to create a fulfillment center.

If you are a larger company you could use a site to create branded workwear, office supplies, or everyday use products for supplying events. It could become a corporate hub to purchase giveaways or items that your employees want to purchase for themselves. Letting your employees take pride in their company and the foundation you have built.

These internal stores can grant your company the ability to set up franchise kits as well which put together everything needed for a grand opening. Setting this up with company who has global distribution ties gives your company a unique ability to branch out to new regions nationally and internationally. It also gives your company a way to show differentiation when approaching new franchisees.

There are many different ways the development of an e-commerce store can build on your brand loyalty. To find out more about how Imprint Engine can help you create your web-store visit What We Do page.

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