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Posted on Thu Sep 19, 2019.

Personally and professionally, being engaged and involved in the communities we serve has always been a top priority for us, and that’s why we created Imprint Impact. Through this unique program we identify and meet the needs of non-profit organizations in our community by donating our overstock inventory and products from our vendors. We’re able to take otherwise wasted items and put them in the hands of students, teachers, and community organizations who can put them to good use. 

In addition to donating overstock and discontinued items, we also offer discounted or donated design services and products to the non-profit organizations we work with whenever we can. We’re proud to support a wide variety of charitable organizations, including The Sanneh Foundation, Tickets for Kids, Children’s Minnesota, and many more. 

Read more below about some of the organizations we are proud to call our partners, and the projects we have worked on together. 


The Sanneh Foundation (TSF)

The Sanneh Foundation was the first official recipient of our Imprint Impact program. Back in April 2019, we donated 11 pallets containing over 70,000 items to TSF, including notebooks, folders, water bottles, sunscreen, tote bags, and more. 

“As we were organizing our warehouse, we noticed the amount of overstock inventory that had accumulated,” said Imprint Engine Partner, Zach Sussman. “This was great stuff like brand new notebooks, water bottles, folders, backpacks, and apparel that we no longer offer. We didn’t want it to go to waste, and we figured there would be some great non-profit organizations in the community who would really be able to use it.” 

Sussman sits on The Sanneh Foundation board and reachout out to founder, Tony Sanneh, to see if the kids who the organization supports would be able to utilize these items. 

“I was excited when Zach offered to donate all this great stuff that we could utilize for our Dreamline Corps and Free Pro Camps programs,” said Sanneh. “We’re always looking for school supplies like notebooks and folders for students, and items like sunglasses and sunscreen are always a hit with the kids at our Free Pro Camps.” 

The items were all utilized this summer at TSF Pro Camps, and it was hugely rewarding to the Imprint Engine team to see everything being enjoyed by young people in our community. 


To learn more about TSF, visit: 

Tickets for Kids

Since the inaugural kickoff of the annual “Ticket to the Twin Cities” fundraising event in 2018, Imprint Engine has been a proud sponsor of Tickets for Kids (TFK). We’ve provided discounted  t-shirts, event signage, and promotional materials, and donated graphic design services for this exciting annual event that brings together over 2,000 participants and raises money to benefit this fantastic organization. 


To learn more about TFK, visit:

Children’s Minnesota

Children’s Minnesota is an incredible organization that we have a deep relationship with as a proud sponsor of their annual “Walk for Amazing” event. Having just completed the second year of the event, they were able to raise over $320,000 from 2,000 participants. We were excited to provide discounted direct mail printing and mailing services to promote the event, as well as donated signage and marketing collateral for the event. We also donate or deeply discount marketing materials whenever we can to support this incredible organization, most recently by donating marketing materials that were displayed at all CRAVE Restaurants in month of September to promote their “Shine Bright” campaign. 

“Zach and his team consistently go above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service. They have quickly become our go-to partner, offering solutions that save us time and money. Everyone we have worked with has been great communicators and have pushed us to think differently.” – Emily Moore, Sr. Graphic Designer for Children’s Minnesota



To learn more about Children’s Minnesota, visit:


Second Hand Hounds

As a dog friendly (more like fanatic) workplace, there’s a special place in our hearts for our friends at Second Hand Hounds (SHH). We’ve produced a variety of discounted marketing materials and promo products over the years for SHH, including magnets, doggie bandanas, treat containers, leashes, event signage, and more. 

To learn more about Second Hand Hounds, visit:

Pinky Swear Foundation

We’ve been a long time supporter of Pinky Swear, so when they approached us about a new gifting program for participants of their summer fundraising events, we jumped at the challenge. They wanted a variety of cool swag and apparel for both adults and kids, but wanted the flexibility to order only what was needed based on participation so there was no waste. This can be tricky to execute, but we understand the need of our non-profit partners to minimize any unnecessary expense in order to put the maximum amount of money towards the mission, so we were more than happy to work tight timelines, negotiate with vendors, and work some late nights to make this happen for them. The end result was awesome custom notebooks, backpacks, water bottles, jackets, and shirts that made their way to the well deserving people who spent their summer raising money to support this fantastic cause! 

“The partnership we have with Imprint Engine has been such a great benefit to help motivate people to support our mission. We work every day to help families with a child battling cancer all over the country, and the incentives we produce with Imprint Engine help us share our story and engage more kids and adults to help even more kids battling cancer. Thank you so much!” – Josh Le, Director of Marketing for Pinky Swear Foundation


To learn more about the Pinky Swear Foundation, visit:


The Thielen Foundation

As lifelong Minnesota Vikings fans, we were beyond excited when we were tapped by Adam Thielen, one of the best players in the NFL, to help out with swag and marketing collateral for his Thielen Foundation. We’ve produced a wide variety of top quality goods for the Thielen Foundation, including water bottles, golf balls, lanyards, event signage, and more. SKOL! 



To learn more about The Thielen Foundation, visit:

Polo For Philanthropy

Another fantastic animal centric organization we love to support is Polo for Philanthropy. We are an annual sponsor of their Polo Classic, a fundraising event that has been running for over 30 years. Each year we donate tent signage and marketing collateral that is essential to creating a uniform feel for the classic, and we love attending every year to raise money and watch the ponies play! 


To learn more about Polo For Philanthropy, visit:


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