Imprint Engine’s Education Series

Posted on Mon Aug 6, 2018.

There are multiple factors that go into the development of a marketing plan, and finding the right information to create your promotions can be confusing. In an effort to provide some clarity on how advertising agencies and graphic designers shape your ideas into ads, Imprint Engine will be creating an in depth guide of solutions to problems you may have faced in the past. The topics explored below will be reviewed in depth in upcoming blogs to educate about the process that goes into building promotions for your brand.

File Formats

There are a plethora of different file formats in the world today, but in the world of graphic design there are a few that reign supreme. Graphic designers and our art team here at Imprint Engine typically work with vector images in order to create high resolution images. These vector images can come in a few different file extensions, but the main ones are .ai, .eps, .pdf, and .svg. These files allow designers to scale your logo to a printable size no matter the medium.

Files should also be formatted to the type of design you are trying to create, if you are making a print based promotion you will be using CMYK, if you are making a digital advertisement you will want to use RGB coloring. CMYK is a four color printing process and by using a file that is created in this color channel you will give the people designing your products the best color management for printing. RGB is the red, green, blue spectrum and was created expressly for digital applications, colors may be more vivid in this application. The four color print process is complicated by color bleed at times, however the issues will be fixed pre-printing by the art department you choose to work with.


Promotional products can all vary in what their imprint sizes are but having a product template on hand gives you the ability to visualize the finished product. Using templates provided by your agencies art team will save you money and time as they will not need to customize your art. The largest cost to you is going to be tracing and constraints on the art you provide. This can be fixed by using vector files on print templates.

These templates are usually created using vector files which gives you the ability to save in those formats for easier distribution of your art. Design teams can also make new templates for specific products you are looking to add to your promotional mix or webstore catalog, enabling you to quickly send in your designs for faster shipping of your products. They can also build a template for custom promotional products that your team has collaborated to produce.

Custom Products

There are going to be times when your company needs something extra to stand out amongst the sea of products in the promotional world. Your supply chain may not be able to build the unique impression you are going for. A company that has an art department that has developed custom products for promotions will be an asset when you are rolling out products for an event, giveaway, or want to license your items.

Custom products can be a great way to promote new brands or products your company is releasing. These products can help present an image that you are looking to portray with your new foray.

Rush Orders

When your plans fell through or a project cropped up out of nowhere you may need to consider a rush order. These orders typically come with extra fees, however getting a quote as soon as possible is ideal for you and your promotional partner. Partners who have developed relationships with many vendors can shop around to get you the best price and timeline for your project needs. Companies may also be able to get your products on a shorter timeline than you originally anticipated.

Product Campaigns

Your company may have a large event or nationwide rollout that you want to promote, experts in the field of advertising can help you compile a full scale campaign of products. Whether you are looking to purchase uniforms for team members or you have a booth at an event, an account representative can cater to your needs. Businesses that focus on one product or service have seen success with creating a brand based store with products that support their vision and goals.

Utilizing a company with a vast knowledge of what sells can help you gain new consumers, impressions, and revenue. You can also take pride in having your team or customers supporting your brand. Use the equity you have built with your customer base to continue promoting your company and its values to your target market.

In our upcoming blogs we will explore these subjects in a longer context. We will fully inform you and your team of how to save time and money when working with a partner to build a portfolio of art and products. For more information on how we can help you reach your goals with design services and promotional products visit What We Do or Contact Us.

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