Imprint Engine & One Minnesota

Posted on Mon Jan 24, 2022.

Providing FREE fresh and delicious food to communities.

One Minnesota is a grassroots, non-profit organization dedicated to the betterment of humanity, starting with communities in their backyard. They provide FREE, fresh, and delicious food to our local communities with no questions asked. Community members are able to take as much food as they need with no limits or questions. Often times, people are picking up food for larger families, family members, or neighbors within their communities. Typical food shelfs often limit the amount you can take at once, making it difficult for some community members. In addition to this, One Minnesota offers high quality food that is never expired or old. They believe strongly that people should be able to eat nutritious and rich food offerings just like everyone else. Health = Wealth.

Serving over 24,000 pounds of food in an hour

We (Imprint Engine employees) recently donated their time in helping distribute food this past December in St. Paul, Minnesota. With over 25 volunteers total, we were able to hand out over 24,000 pounds of food in just over an hour to hundreds to community members. While this was a great accomplishment, there is still plenty of work to be done in helping people get access to high quality and nutritious food.

Pictured above Scott Malam (Imprint Engine Director of Marketing)

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