How Branded Promotional Products Generate Business

Posted on Mon Aug 6, 2018.

Chances are if you live in the US you own at least one branded promotional product. These products include anything from apparel with screen printed brand names to the branded pen you got from the car dealership you visited. The average American consumer has multiple branded promotional products that they use on a consistent basis. This continued usage of branded products is what generates business for your company.

Branded Promotional Products Create Impressions

Branded promotional products create thousands of impressions everyday as consumers receive a useful giveaway or gift from a company. The people who receive these gifts, then use the product and it is seen by the people who surround them. They become a walking billboard for your company, which creates a call to action in other consumers. This curiosity of other consumers will give you the ability to follow new leads and gain more revenue.

Impressions are Cost Effective

Compared to the amount you are spending to receive impressions on television, magazine, and even newspaper ads, branded promotional products are by far the most cost effective. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute’s (ASI) 2016 Impressions Study the cost of a branded promotional product is an average of 0.7 cents per impression. That is 2.5 cents less than the cost per impression of a television advertisement.

Clients and Customers Regard Promotional Products Highly

According to market research done by ASI of US consumers branded promotional products are the most highly regarded form of advertising. This is no surprise as consumers prefer to have useful items that were given by companies than ‘fast forwarding’ through yet another round of ads. Promotional swag can also give a great impression to consumers, building loyalty to your brand and keeping you at the top of their mind when they are looking for your industries products.

Promotional Products are NOT Limited to Consumers

Promotional products can also be used to create uniforms for your team, tradeshow and event displays, and even corporate gifts or awards to your team. Using promotional products in this way can extend your reach via uniformed employees and large signage at events and tradeshows. The promotional gifts and awards to your team can help build morale and boost productivity. You can even set up promotional product rewards as incentives for your team to strive for.
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